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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Hurty face

There are no words for how enraged I am at my own face today, but the world traditionally abhors violence against one's visage re: cutting noses off, etc., so instead all my grump is externalising.

It manifests as an extremely short temper, much like a bear with a sore tooth, which is actually what I have. Sort of. Well it's not the tooth, it's my gums. For about four years my wisdom teeth have been performing a horrible inny-outy-in again dance that leaves my gums intensely hurty, and leaves me clutching my jaw / cheek and howling every few months.

If only I had money. If I had money, you see, I could go and see a dentist. Don't think I haven't tried to find an NHS one because I have; waiting lists are insane things. Why do we even have separate doctors of the teeth? Why can't I just claim an emergency appointment off a GP and be seen this week? Why have teeth, alone of all the body parts, been outsourced to a separate medical practitioner?

Damn you, face.


  1. hah, sympathetic hugs from me!
    I'm having my own dental-related problems today.

    I'm supposed to have two of my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, what with them for no sensible reason growing directly into the teeth next to them and causing all manner of cavity fun.

    Only I'm full of plague.
    Manflu of the gungiest kind.
    It's not fun, and if I don't improve overnight, I don't think I can safely have a stranger rummage about my face, cut it open, crowbar out two teeth and sew my face back up when I might have a coughing fit or something more gross while he's mid-slice.

    Luckily, despite the pain every time I have something too cold come into contact with that side of my face, I'm too ill to get short tempered. Instead I just make a sound kind of like a zombie, blow my nose, and go back to bed.

    I'd get yourself on a waiting list, though, frustrating as they are. And try not to get too bear-like, I wouldn't want to find out you'd mauled someone offering you ice-cream.

    I hope you and your face feel better.

    Hugs and self-pity

  2. Strange both me and my girlfriend are having similar problems, she is having some out just before christmas, I however am crap at keeping appointments and my new/old dentist didn't send reminders so I am off his books.

    Why do we even have wisdom teeth all they do is come trhough sideways or under another tooth their like the person who sneaks in from the side at the bar!

  3. My sympathies, one and all! I did have someone tell me that their friend attributes their dental pains to the extreme cold, which seems reasonable - an epidemic of hurtyface doesn't make a tremendous amount of send.

    Phill! I'm so sorry to hear you're unwell, in addition to the pain! You must be in a FOUL mood. Hugs and love to you, and a huge Get Well Soon. x x

  4. Hey, you do know you can get emergency dentist appointments on the NHS too?

  5. Ow ow ow. Dental pain is so horrid. I wish it served some useful purpose - but it doesn't seem to at all.
    I hope you feel better soon (and get some lasting relief or resolution.)


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