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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Who else? (no spoilers)

A new doctor. A new body. Isn't that strange? Maybe that's why I can finally let go of Rose, and maybe now he can too. My friend Katie made the excellent point that all recent companions have been compared with Rose, and personally, I didn't warm to any of them in the same way. But now? A whole new body, a new companion, and in the words of Matt Smith: She's a ten.

Maybe that's just my thing for redheads cropping up again.

(To my American friends: I can't guarantee that the comments will be spoiler-free. Best avoid for now.)


  1. She's certainly more interesting that the last two, and your second picture highlights her appeal to us men - particularly those of us who also have a thing for redheads. I thoroughly approve!

  2. I don't remember the underwear-and-fairylights scene. Maybe that happened when the TV cut out...

    Looking forward to getting to know the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. Wondering if Rory is going to be her Mickey.

    Have written a gurt long blog on my first thoughts on the new series, also added a chunk on Tenth Doctor post about season finales and writing cheats.

  3. Rory had better not be her Mickey... I understand her desire to run away from the upcoming wedding, but there's no way she'll make it to the church on time.

    She's gorgeous, she really is, but that second picture worries me. If a camera adds ten pounds then she's yet another image-obsessed young girl who is putting that above her health. GRAAARGH. Sorry. Shutting up now.

    Wasn't it gooooood?


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