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Saturday, 3 April 2010


It puzzles me.
How can she be
So close to what I was?
A single voice
Of broken choice.
I'm scared for her because
I fought so long,
And went so wrong,
And she could stumble too.
And worst of all,
If she should fall,
I'd think our nightmares true.

Like me, she sees
The sky-wrapped trees
And wonders what they mean.
Like her, I saw
An open door
That promised things unseen.
And from her lips
And fingertips
I hear the words I'd use
To speak my fears,
And joy, and tears.
I think we share a muse.

Inspired by Shawna's blog.

EDIT: Alright, obviously it's time I unretired Creative Splurges. I don't really like that name, though, so I'm unretiring it at the new address of Please join me there, that way I can stop poeming all over this one!

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