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Thursday, 11 February 2010

An abundance of blech

I'm sat at home feeling very sorry for myself today. I don't have uni on Thursdays, y'see, so it wasn't the best day to come down with a cold. Colds are the worst, aren't they? They're only just bad enough to ensure constant misery and nose-leakage (reason #3340 why I will never be a sex-symbol).

Add to that the constant, inescapable DRAMA that seems to be brewing everywhere, and you get a very mopey Anna who is confined to quarters. And hungry.

On the plus side, however, as I don't like to get too negative, I've got the option (should the misery become too much) of calling my emergency cuddle-dispenser round tonight. He's offered to cook me some food.

Well, look, there's no sense in wallowing is there. What I'll do now is log off all social networking sites, put some good music on, get changed out of my pyjamas and tidy up. That way, tonight, when I get my food and sympathy, at least today won't have been a total waste.
Oh hey, so, looking back I see I never mentioned Haberdashery? How can I have been so remiss! This is a surrealist-steampunk video made by Boh3m3. His website's not currently working, but for all that he's one of my favourite bloggers / vloggers / weblebrities (shudder).

Like everybody else, when I don't know what else to do, I seem to go in for catching colds.  - George Jean Nathan


  1. Well I wish you better, soon. The only thing worse than having a stonking head cold is being in Uni with said cold. All new level of misery. Trying to focus on lectures/tutorials while jamming tissues up nostrils to prevent leakage. And that would be reason #3341 why you think you'll never be a sex-symbol...I didn't even know that sex-symbol was hyphenated :)

    Hopefully the glowyness that this comment will produce will be warm enough to kill off the I could do on short notice.

  2. That was hilarious. Hope you feel better!

  3. Can i see ur photo with leaking nose, must be cute one :P


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