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Monday, 8 February 2010

A rare rant

I've been so grumpy today. No, not grumpy; grumpy implies that it's my 'time of the month', or that I 'got up on the wrong side of bed', and I want to be very clear about the fact that it was not my fault. In fact it was very definitely other people's faults. And I was all ready to write a strongly-worded blog post that they'd (hopefully) never read that would eviscerate them and prove me King of the Everythings once and for all.

Then I remembered to get over myself, and that it was just a damn uni project, and then I was ok.

BUT THEN! Oh, I know, non-stop drama!


Anyway, in the spirit of Phil's glass-half-full approach, at least it reminded me of Trogdor. It's an awesome game!! Maybe the best game ever!!! You can't play it though.

Oh, go on then. BURNINATE!

PS I know I'm being a douche, but that's my right. I'll get over myself again soon enough.


  1. ANNA YOU CAN'T JUST YELL AND RANT WHENEVER YOU WANT- WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK...oh crap- my capslock was totally stuck...i hope you can still tell i was being sarcastic :s

    (p.s. everyone has a rant-filled day, my blog is filled with them...sending hugs!)

  2. i still am awaiting ur reply why you blocked me on twitter :(

    by the way blog's new look is good!


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