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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Reasons to be cheerless

Well! Well, I'm sick of hinting obliquely at vague 'drama' and not actually telling you, dear reader, what's got me in such a huff. If you prefer positive Anna, it's very possible that this post won't tickle your happy button; however in the interest of maintaining emotional equilibrium (i.e. not being a total morbid bitch), I'll intersperse my whinging with pictures like this:
Non-threatening businessman LIKES this!

On monday, my group was supposed to gather for a uni project and I was the only poor sod who turned up. As I have already said, this irritated me. Only mildly, but enough.
Thanks, The Elderly!
Then there was Tuesday, when I seriously called into question my ability to be a writer. I really started doubting whether I have the talent or skill to  do it.
I think that's the day we had an Emergency House Meeting about the cleaning as well (fun!). Furthermore, my friend from our university course gave me the breakdown of the social dynamics in our university course and made me hate myself a little more.

That's the spirit!
On Wednesday, our project was due in. I think we all felt that we could have done a lot better, but I in particular was freaking out because we were supposed to submit a work log along with it - which I hadn't done.

I think this was also the day I received some very distressing news about the health of a family member / friend / much-loved person. I feel a bit flippant mentioning this among all my petty problems, but there is no good place for news like this.

That evening I went to my last refuge of sanity and accidentally created drama there too. You know how Pandora caused something of a kerfuffle by unlocking that legendary box? Yeah, it turns out you can cause just as much by locking a door absentmindedly.

You go, girl!
On Thursday I had a day off uni and came down with a shitty cold. I spent most of the day huddled up in my room with the usual symptoms - leaky nose, sore throat, coughs and sneezes - and had to show people around my room because my landlord (who I'd been trying to contact for about a week) has decided we're all moving out next year. So there's househunting to 'look forward to' as well.

Who's awesome? YOU'RE awesome.
Friday actually hasn't been too bad. Some of the damage from Tuesday and Wednesday was undone, and I've potentially got some people to move in with next year - people I actually know in advance, which makes a nice change after three years of randoms. I was supposed to see Gav, but there was an organisational misunderstanding, and that fell through. We haven't seen each other for a week and I miss him.

Even WOMEN can put their thumbs up now! I know, crazy, right?
Of course, nobody does proper drama like The Internet. The forum I moderate has been a minefield, with international politics causing tension, and a member who was voluntarily banned (after some friction with yours truly) coming back with a secret identity (and causing friction with yours truly). Honestly, at this point I am willing to accept the hypothesis that I am the cause of it all, and shouldn't be allowed around people.

Yeah, fuck you, The Man!

This guy is my hero now. Look how happy he is! I bet HE isn't considering becoming a recluse just to preserve some semblance of sanity. And if there's any doubt lingering your mind as to how moronic some people can be, read the comments to this blog post that unfortunately became the first Google result for 'facebook log in' yesterday, drawing the attention and rage of hundreds of confused idiots. Read the comments, they're comedy gold!

And on that note I'll leave you. I heartily promise that my next post will contain only happiness and light.


  1. Like the final link. Like the pictures. Dislike the rubbish week. Must stop expressing my emotions in terms of likes or dislikes. Hope things get better.

  2. Well, we all get some kind of fucked up weeks anyhow, :)

    Seriously I hope you get a better one from now one, and kick some people's ass :)

    U're a great writer, no doubt.

    All the best from Ecuador, in South America... feel free to visit my blog :)


  3. Firstly: Everything about this post further confirms the already-obvious fact that you are a creative genius, and if your personality could be bottled it would be more addictive than heroin.

    Secondly: I demand elaboration on the 'locked door story'. However, as chances are the reasons behind said drama are actually pitifully petty and would probably just cause us to groan, please factor in the skills mentioned in the previous point in order to embellish the story. It should ideally contain dinosaurs.

    Thirdly: Please can we have the URL to this forum!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, all! You've all made me smile.

    Dan, it's utterly stupid really, but I have a habit of picking up and playing with random objects - lighters, boxes, books, anything that's left lying around. I was round in my friend's room watching TV, and when I was sat by the door and saw a key sticking out the door, I turned it, and someone noticed that the door was locked and got the wrong end of the stick... it's all sorted now, I hope, but things are (of course) much more complicated than that.

  5. PS sorry for the lack of dinos. If it helps, imagine that when the door finally opened, I said "D'you-think-he-saurus?"

    As for the forum, I'm sure you can sleuth it out, I've mentioned it here in the past.

  6. Wow! What a thoroughly shitty week! Sorry you're having such a miserable time of it. I really hope things pick up fast so that next time you post the positive glowyness will light up teh internets.

  7. Boo to rubbish weeks that makes you feel like rubbish. Hilarious link though - you might have had a bad week but at least you're not one of those dumbasses!

  8. Oops. My RSS reader only pointed this post to me today, so I'm a week behind. I hope the intervening week has seen a restoration of fortunes and that you had a great trip to London and that everything is now much, much better.


  9. Gosh! That is priceless...what a load of numbwits!

    I hope you're feeling better and spending Valentines day murdering mummies is made of win! I salute you. I hope you were also drinking lager.

    I spent it making cookies....FAT


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