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Thursday, 11 December 2008

I'm back I'm back what did I miss!

Every morning for the last five days, I've turned on my laptop, and we've had the following conversation.

Me: Morning. Internet please.
Laptop: Ooh, no can do. Sorry.
Me: Why not?
Laptop: Can't tell you. If you like, you can click this to fix it.
Me: Okay...
Laptop: Hmm, didn't work. Are you suprised? I'm surprised. On an unrelated note, would you like to renew your Norton 360 subscription?
Me: Uhh maybe later... are you working now?
Laptop: Have you tried turning it off and on again? That sometimes works, Microsoft knows why!
Me: I've tried that. Look, I just want to get online.
Me: But-
Laptop: Can't.
Me: I-
Laptop: Can't. Tell you what, try clicking this, that might work. (Except it won't.) While you're pounding your head on the table, how about renewing your Norton thingy? That might be fun.

Eventually, the cogs started turning and I uninstalled Norton, worrying while I did it that my laptop would suddenly say "I'm sorry Anna, I can't let you do that." Three quarters of the way through, the brakes came off and my laptop connected. I ARE ONLINE.

It's amazing what I achieve without the internet, though: my room has never been tidier. It's been good for me. I've been considering going offline for a while, actually, but I didn't have to fortitude. Providence.


  1. Three letters for you, young lady.

    A V G

  2. I have that pic and been wondering how I could use it. You succeeded.

    Welcome back, hope you can still find things in your tidy room, I never can when I tidy up, so I learned a long time ago - Chaos is good


  3. Ben, you are doubtless right! My initial search produced the pay version, so I'm using a 90-day trial for something else right now. But I'll get AVG soon enough! x

    AV - going surprisingly well so far; I can't find things when it's chaotic!

  4. "Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order. I'm an angel of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos, don't ya? It's fair."

    Never a truer word spoken.

    On a related note, how annoying is it when that little "something has cocked up, click here to tell Microsoft about it" message pops up. So what happens if you send it? Do they do anything, or do they just giggle because they have your money and you have nothing? I suspect the latter.

  5. ... Thanks, you just destroyed my last vestiges of naivety. I assumed that there was a fix coming! Not soon, I know, but one day... they'd fix the problem. No longer.

    Have you actually been watching that on repeat? ;)

  6. Aah, that's where you've been...

  7. Yes I have. Twice on Monday night, once on Wednesday, again on Friday. Might watch it this evening too, since Ross foolishly left it at my house.

    And I refuse to believe you had any naivety left. There's a knowing look in those eyes..

  8. Yesterday I bought dark knight - of course. And iron man - of course. And Wall-E - well it's AMAZING, and I will have fisticuffs with anyone who says otherwise!

  9. BRING WALL-E WHEN YOU COME DOWN! Mum won't go see it at the cinema, and I really want her to see it :D


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