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Saturday, 13 December 2008

How peculiar

On Thursday, I met my new cell group. And in traditional "my life is rather odd sometimes" fashion, one of the girls mentioned that I looked familiar, and was I from the Isle of Wight?

I was indeed.

And did I know Hannah Barker?

... Yes, yes I do.

And had we met once before at (insert random Christian event here)? We had. And were we in the same team at (insert other random Christian even here) back in London in 2004? ... Quite possibly, yes.

Funny how things go.

Anyway, after that we went to an event at our church - yes, at this point you're realising that random Christian events make up a large portion of my life - and Gav did his thing.

His thing is being awesome.

This time his awesomeness took the form of beatboxing, and everybody was very impressed, and I was slightly smug. I'm thinking of learning a skill for the next open mic. Whaddaya reckon? Stand-up? Poetry reading? Poledancing?

Wait scratch that last one I just realised it wouldn't really work in the church.

Their pole's out of order. (The whole freaking SYSTEM's out of order!)

PoledancerANYWAY! Today's interesting thing! Because I have not shared anything interesting in quite some time! Free Rice. You may well have seen it before, and indeed I have mentioned it in the past, but do go play it again please. Feed the hungry!


  1. Your cell?! It's not the Church of Al Qaeda is it?!

    Oh, and I've seen a scene from the Premiere of Lost Season Five. Have you?

  2. i actually met someone at college who had been friends with my cousin years and years before, a weird connection. one day we realised we knew similar people, and could they be the same?

  3. As promised:

    The chap's a poster on one of the theories websites I frequent. Excellent writer he is, particularly when writing about Lost. The "Sneak Peak" is in the DHARMA Special Access section of his blog - I believe it's number 3.


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