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Thursday, 20 September 2007

University and the like

I feel better! And my laptop is working! And university seems ok! And the library here has half a million books which is enough to form L-space! And I'm listening to a track called Sweet Charity by Mr Bungle and generally feeling rather awesome.

Did you know, if you hardly eat for almost a week, it really wrecks up your body? Over the past few days, in addition to a painful throat, I've had the muscles in my legs burning with lactic acid, and my tongue actually turned black after a glass of red wine (I kid you not, that is NOT ok with me)! Still, I appear to be 100% better now, thank God. Sorry to bore you all with my health, I realise it loses some of the fascination when you're not undergoing it personally!

I went to a poetry reading the other day, it was very enjoyable. I love poetry, and poetry readings are pseudo-intellectual enough to flatter me into feeling cultured. So that was nice. I came out of it feeling very fired up about how much I'm going to improve throughout university, and thinking "I could so do that!"

Now I'm listening to a song about a cartoon stuffed otter called Philippe. And that is one reason why my boy rocks. Another is that I just spent almost an hour with him on the phone. Hooray!

Love to you all :) x x


  1. gald you're feeling better my lovely, black tongue doesnt sound so good though!


  2. Black tongue - isn't that bubonic plague? Could put a dampener on the next weeks high-jinks.... ;-)

    Glad you're feeling better and settling in.


  3. Dave (the YFC one!)21/09/2007, 06:32 got freshers' flu out of the way before freshers' week even began?...Is that right? Way to go :0)

  4. I know, the only thing I've ever done early! As you well know :s


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