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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

"I'm so useless", a rant.

I don't try things properly because I'm scared of failing. I've tried to learn so many instruments over the years, but I give up before I can have the chance to fail or succeed. I've never really worked hard to become good at anything.

Hmm, let's see. Over the years, I've tried to learn:
Penny whistle
Magic tricks
Fire staff

And the only ones I've achieved anything vaguely resembling success in are drawing and writing.

I'm basically not willing to put in the practise. I'm put to shame by the people who've got years of experience with their instrument, people who've got a real passion and commitment to something.

I'm not feeling very passionate and committed to much at the moment. Blargh. You caught me mid emo-moment, I do apologise.


  1. Why do you NEED to learn anything?

    You're beautiful just how you are.

    Follow your passions. You have passions enough. You don't need to contrive any more.

    Be YOU. <3

  2. :(
    He's right tho, you're amazing at being you. That's something none of those beatboxing poi-twirling juggling flute players can be!

    If it's any consolation, I've got a longer list than you.

  3. Hey girl -

    Go to my blog, find the 'Wonder-full weekend' entry and the link pointing to the story of the Wemmicks. You are who God made you to be and he loves you as you are.

    Hope things are going well in Cardiff. Have you started any *real* work yet?!


  4. You have no idea how much I wish I were in Cardiff :( That was just a visit to my boy, but things in Plymouth are going very well. I think. So far. Blargh.

  5. D'oh. Got the wrong end of the stick, Uni-wise. Plymouth to Cardiff can't be an easy train journey. Still - true love finds a way!

    Only been in Plymouth once - there was a hamburger stall down by the Hoe which claimed to sell the bigger burgers in the UK. They were truly massive - the size of dinner plates!

    Should be a good setting for a creative writer to be 'windswept and interesting' as Billy Connolly calls it!

    Take care


  6. i love learning new things, but to be honest if you've got writing that's good enough. we writers rock the world.

  7. Pft, the list of things I've tried to do / wish I could do but failed miserably at is so long I've had to hire a place to store it!

    It isn't about dedication, it's about enjoying it and not caring about looking like a tit while you actually learn it.

    Just my thought ;)


  8. Hahaha! You're so right. I need to sort my mind out, then this stuff won't be a problem any more, and I can get back to being myself... it's happening, slowly but surely!


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