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Monday, 31 January 2011

Feelings! Quick, squish 'em!

A lot has happened since my last post. I would have kept you more updated, but apparently this is the 90s and wireless internet isn't a thing yet.

Here are some things that happened!

I went to a new church for the first time in ages, with my ex. The service was very American Southern Baptist, understandably, since that's where the people are the front were from. I feel like I reconnected with God, although that's more to do with admitting my anger than with anything they were saying. Also there were assnapkins. Seriously! Little butt-hankies that they'd drape over people's posteriors when hey knelt down at the front of the church, to conceal any undergarments or bumcleave.

Anyway, that made me chuckle.

Also, I performed at my first ever Open Mic! (Well, second, but we don't talk about that.) I sang and played ukulele. he first two songs were a but shaky, but the third, my relyricking of the Cranberries' song Zombie, went down a treat! Hopefully, soon, a friend's going to lend me a videocamera so that I can get something up on youtube.

There are photos of the performance viewable here, courtesy of the very talented Rob May.

This weekend, I helped Rob out with a couple of photoshoots (standing in places with a reflecty thing! Huzzah!), and actually got a few pics taken of myself - I'm sure they'll be turning up soon, though I may well not tell you. Depends how bashful I'm feeling at the time!

It was my brother's 21st birthday yesterday. Apparently my parents forgot, but the pocketwatch I'd been so excited to give him arrived in the post on the right day, so yay for that.

I'm still around, my lovelies. Haven't gone anyway. Granted, I've been restricting my internet usage to sites accessible from my mobile phone, but comments are still read and appreciated! Much love x x


  1. !!!
    Your lack present-day internets is most distressing to my face, especially when you have stories to tell.
    YAY open Mic! Glad it went okay. Youtubing is a must; not just because uke's make things better, but as I'm now intrigued as to how you've relyricafied that song.
    And if your net problems don't allow that, then it'll want to stay hidden in the past, as the internet will find me waiting for it in the present with a baseball bat.

  2. Would the pictures on your FB account be the ones related to your open mic night? I did not realise you sung and played the ukulele (as in, together, at the same time).

    Where was this exciting American church based? Also, what was the pocket watch you purchased for Mike? Sounds awesome.
    Talking of Mike - he popped round for a couple of nights or so. It was great to see him. :) He has not got me hooked onto Google Reader, which means I can see eeeeeverything, well, not quite. However, it does mean that as soon as you update your blog, I will know about it. Thus I am kept informed of what you are up to.

    I appear to have rambled on, sorry.

    Hope you are doing ok Anna, missing you.

  3. Cragster: check out for more on Roy Fields and his ministry. I've written a little about it on my blog

    Also, Anna was great at singing and Ukuleleleleleing!

  4. My mind is boggling at the modesty cloths! These Americans think of everything.

    Have been on the lookout for Anna updates, hope you get decent internettage soon.

  5. MOAR!
    Your exile from decent interwebs access needs to be sorted. It makes my eyes sad.


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