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Monday, 25 October 2010

In which doing the right thing is infinitely less fun, again

For the past few days, Cardiff has again had the (all too rare) pleasure of Rob's company. Rob is a fascinating, enthusiastic person who happens to work in the glamorous profession of film colouring. He colours films. Makes them pretty. The first time I met him, I launched into the only thing I know about film colouring: that a lot of people are doing it wrong, resulting in floods of teal and orange.

Tonight, Rob was reading a copy of Heat magazine (more because it was there, I think, than because he dislikes his braincells). He mentioned a 'weird crushes' list, and I peeked to see if there were any on there I could relate to. There, at number one, was Benedict Cumberbatch. (I've already written a post about him; you can read it here, for the curious, but it summarises to "A+, would ogle again.")

"Ooh, yes, Benedict Cumberbatch," I said. "I feel a bit wrong for liking him now. There's a new Weebl's stuff cartoon about him. It basically says 'Dirty, dirty girls like Benedict Cumberbatch,' over and over until I feel bad about myself."
Rob laughed. "He's filth in real life, as well."
I paused, a little bit surprised but not stunned. Rob has a tendency to do this. It's that glamorous career thing - whenever we mention someone we admire, there's a one in three chance that Rob's met them.
"You've met him?"
"Do you have his number on your phone?" (Joking, of course. Probably.)
"...Oh." (Was I joking? Should I...? No. That would be creepy. I was definitely joking. Do not ask for his number do not do NOT do that, it would be creepy.)

I'm not sure whether I should be congratulated or berated for taking the high road. A mistake you don't make looks much the same as a missed opportunity from behind. Anyway, I'm sure Rob wouldn't have shared as he is far too much of a gent.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to listen to Weebl's song until the message sinks in. (Dirty, dirty girl.)


  1. HAHA! Well done on the willpower front. Though this way you get to retain the weird crush without having to acknowledge that they're really a real, real person*.

    I'm facing a similar situation, as I'm now only a couple of social connections away from the bassist of my favourite band evereverever who I thought was gorrrrrrgeous, who's just joined a new awesome band who knows someone who knows someone who knows the cousin of a dogwalker of a friend. (well, ish.)

    Anyway, meeting this person is a vague possibility, and while I'm good with the whole 'meeting a person you really admire/oh actually they're a real person and don't like open mouth gawping' thing, I fear it will turn me into some bumbling, stuttering, squeee-ing mess.**

    Love the Weeblsong, hadn't seen that one. I have a host of friends I now have to post this to, mwuhaha.

    * personally, considering his cheekbones, I find this debatable. [/ducksforcover]

    ** ok, looking back at that, it sounds gross. Not intended.

  2. Wow, I get a blog post mention....

  3. Suffice, may you live in interesting times :)

    Sarge, of COURSE you do, you're the most interesting person I've met in a very long time! Maybe I'll even tell the world what you gave me for my birthday, and what it means...

  4. Well done for NOT stalking Sherlock Holmes! :D :D That must have taken an awful lot of willpower.

  5. Instead of asking for the number, please could you request more details of the exact nature of his "filthiness"?

    ....You know, for the good of womankind.

  6. I agree with Hayley. It's very important that we all know. For ... research purposes. *nods*

  7. I very much enjoyed the Weebl song and have spread it appropriately...

  8. YAY! This site still exists!
    It disappeared. There may have been some minor despair from this direction after your wonderful words got replaced.
    But now it has a net! And I can once again look forward to almost weekly updates of the almost daily exploits of you!
    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure "best drumming dvd is crucial", but the Internet's a better place with your words on it.


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