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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Winter daze

Work has been objectively stressful lately, but I don't think that's entirely why I'm struggling. All my copes are gone, you know the feeling. SAD or summat.

This is good, that I'm doing this. It's been a long time. I've been at least 3 entirely different people since I started writing this blog. School Anna and girlfriend Anna and whatever the heck I am now.

Howard, thanks so much for your comment, I definitely want to catch up soon! I keep meaning to carve time out of my reluctant schedule to do so. It's difficult, but not impossible - think obsidian rather than bedrock!

What would be nice, in the middle of winter, is if you could open a door into summer. Sometimes that's all I need, just an hour or so of summer that  can walk into. Someone else's summer. One where there's grass.


  1. Oh my word. A door into Summer? I like that idea.
    Although I'm suddenly aware that a friend of mine has just jumped on a plane to New Zealand - so he's effectively done just that (lucky bugger)
    But a simple door would be so much more convenient and delightful.

  2. A summer door - now that's a great idea! Although, I would probably overuse it. I do miss the warm glow of the summer sun...

  3. Of course there *is* a door into summer. I can just open it at page 1 and start reading.
    (I'm talking about BOOKS... Our standard route into other worlds.)


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