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Wednesday, 15 February 2012


The theory behind affirmations, or "Cosmic Ordering" as the Mighty Wizard Edmonds calls it, is that if you repeatedly state your desire for something, you'll be more likely to get it.

My personal theory is that if you repeatedly state your desire for something, you're more likely to work towards it, because otherwise you look like a putz.

I already go on about things I want a fair bit. I want a motorbike, I want to shave my hair, and so forth. Like Chekhov's Three Sisters, I go on about it while never working towards it, because I am pretty lame.

NONETHELESS. I'm going to publicly say something that has been creeping up on me for months:
I want to go to America. I want to stay there. I want to see different states, compare different kinds of American life, get a feel for the geography and the people.

I'm still trying to work out ways this can happen that don't basically boil down to "get a job and spend no unnecessary money for three years." I'm sort of waiting for an opportunity to present itself. I dunno.

Anyway, yes, I am stating this here and now so that one day, I can look back and go "oh yeah that's when I decided to come here."

Also, please please watch this. It kicks all kinds of ass. The song has been wheeling through my head for a week or so now, and the video is utterly captivating!


  1. This does indeed kick all kinds of ass. Thank you for sharing. This lady has an incredible voice and I'm loving the look and the video and everything except THOSE MASKS! nearly made me jump out of my skin first time round. Eek!

  2. and OH MY GOSH DID YOU NOTICE that when they grab her and drag her out of her chair, her reflection stays where it was in the mirror?

  3. Hi Anna,
    you should really be thinking about moving to the USA, Australia, or Canada. In North America, your British accent would have guys eating out of your hand.
    But regarding the bigger picture, Britain and most of Western Europe are socialist backwaters. I grew up with several kids, that were born in England. Their parents decided to leave England in the 1960s, and pursue a better standard of living. England has a lower standard of living then Mississippi. Mississippi is the poorest State in the USA.
    The neighborhood in the TV show Coronation Street, is worse then most welfare projects in Canada. The cars people drive in England are the same size as a piss pot.

    So do yourself a favour, and move to a more prosperous country.

  4. Coronation street isn't the real world. Neither is Eastenders, thank goodness! I've only realised since moving away from my parents that finding a house without damp is damn near impossible right now, but to be honest I'm attributing that more to budget than anything else - I just can't afford to find a nice place.

    Britain has some lovely things that America doesn't, of course; the more compact nature means that I have a dozen friends within a five-minute walking distance!

    I don't know that America is more prosperous, necessarily, but I'm fascinated by the fact that your builders didn't have to be so conservative with space. Houses here are tiny!

  5. I meant the housing they show on Coronation Street. The neighborhood looks like a slum straight out of a Charles Dickens novel.
    Regarding the dampness, just go out and buy a dehumidifier.

    North America is a lot more prosperous then England. After WW2, England went down the socialist pathway, or as Hayek called it,"the road to serfdom".
    England also still has a class system. In North America or Australia, people do not care about you accent, or what school you attended.
    There is also a lot more freedom in North America. If you told someone in America, that England requires people to have a license to watch TV, they would laugh in your face. No one would believe such a story.

    In regards to the USA. They do have a massive government debt problem. This is going to become a big concern in the US.

    Anna you are young, and that is the time to make moves. Also consider going back to school. Enroll in something practical like; accounting, nursing, teaching, or in anything that makes you employable. Poetry is all very nice, but is does not pay the bills.

  6. When I get ill, I can go to the doctor despite having no money. The BBC license fee (which doesn't extend to all channels, by the way) allows for some of the finest unbiased news and ad-free television; I love that too.
    Guess I'm a lot more socialist than you, Pat. Your advice, though well-intentioned I'm sure, would be better suited to another sort of person.

  7. "Poetry is all very nice, but is does not pay the bills."

    Who cares? As long as she's happy. I'd much rather live in poverty if it meant doing what I love, than live in a fancy house if it meant being miserable. Obviously you've chosen to go down the miserable road.

  8. I was betting that would be your reaction. And giving advice is something I tend to avoid. But you seem like such a nice person, I thought a helping hand might be nice.

    You should also realize the BBC news has an extreme bias. They blatantly promote a socialist agenda. They also give very slanted reports in regards to global warming.

    Regarding the miserable road. Phaedrasboy buddy, it`s called growing up. Activities that you enjoy become your weekend hobbies. If you think you can spend the rest of your life reading poetry or playing golf, you are deluding yourself.

    BBC bias

    1. The idea of America not having a class system is beyond laughable. I'm a British citizen who lives in Florida and I can literally walk out of my apartment into the extremely rough ghetto-esque neighborhood that my budget allows me to reside in and travel for five minutes - on foot! - up the road into what can only be described as a Seaside-esque suburb with houses resembling those dollhouses my sisters loved as kids.

      As for the cars comment, are you serious? I can't tell if you really think the average car size affects a country's worth, but if you do believe that you're just so wrong. SO wrong.

      I love America dearly - I wouldn't have moved here if I didn't - but you seem to be so enthusiastic about insisting it's better than the UK you're completely ignoring it's downfalls. The healthcare system is frankly appalling; donated blood sells for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars a bag. The economy is beyond bad; having visited the UK recently I'm genuinely weighing the pros and cons of spending a few months working overseas to earn extra cash. The level of prejudice is at a level that can only be compared to Biblical times; indeed, I've been threatened with death for having the audacity to be an atheist, and have had relatives - relatives! - flat-out tell me they hate immigrants.

      I don't know why I'm bothering writing all this though. You rendered every single one of your points moot when you used Coronation Street as the foundations of your views on British life.

      And to think I used to like the bloody patriotism over here.



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