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Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I don't sweat.

Not like normal people, anyway. I've been out in the blazing sun all day, cycling up hills and through traffic, and I'm just not sweating.

I decided to ask my body why this is.

"Sweat?" she gasped, clearly appalled at the suggestion. "Everybody sweats, how frightfully common. No, I think my system is much better."

Ah yes, her system. Because when a body gets hot, it has to cool off one way or another; and when mine gets hot, I end up looking like a socially-conscious tomato that's just farted.

Thanks, body. Thanks a lot.

In other news, the photo course is going very well, and I'm still taking hundreds of fire photos. Because these guys are awesome, and crazy talented. I found out that Gav can do staff-twirling too the other day, he's been keeping that one quiet!

Fire wire 1




As always, the photos can be viewed large on my Flickr page.


  1. I wish I didn't sweat, but the farting tomato look doesn't seem like a good trade-off so I think I'll just stick with the sweating. Or as I like to say, glistening.

  2. Has anyone ever told you Anna, that you have amazing photography skills? If not, why?
    I didn't know Gav could twirl a staff?!

  3. NEITHER DID I! Two years in, I discover he can do that. He had't even picked one up in TWO YEARS. Pfft, as if he wasn't sickeningly talented already.

  4. That Gav, he's a dark horse (that's a weird saying).

  5. I can spin a staff a little, yeah, I'd forgotten I could do it!

  6. Anna , you really are the tomatoe saying,,,,and your photos are great. take care, cinner

  7. Ya know, it's not really safe for you to not be sweating. It's actually called anhidrosis & if you accidentally got too hot, you could have a heat stroke very easily. I know it might sometimes be nice - not being all sweaty & sticky, I mean, but it could really kill you (well, the heat stroke could at least. Not trying to scare you, just being concerned about your well-being. ^_^

    - Jess (4ng3l0fd34th)

  8. Hmm. You're probably right Jess, is there anything direct I can do about it or should I see a doctor?

  9. I'd imagine it'd be best to just go ahead & see a doctor. I mean, there's numerous reasons why you could not sweat so I'd just go to the doctor if I were you to see if they could help you narrow it down.


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