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Friday, 5 June 2009


It's happened. I've run into a full-blown case of writer's block. I've bought a beautiful new notepad, deserving of only the very best of first novels to be written in it, and it's managed to shut down every form of writing.

I can't write stories, or even poems, which I always found much easier. I'm really choking on this blog post, aware as I am that it's not my best! I can't think of anything to draw either. It wouldn't be true to say that I've got nothing to express, exactly, because I am going through stuff; I just seem to be struggling to express it.

Fortunately, in the meantime, the photography is going from strength to strength. So until I can chop this block into little pieces with my pointy writer words, these will have to do.

Pictured: Dan, who I only tease because I like him so much, and Ross who is essentially a really awesome teddy bear.


  1. hello anna, very nice picture.I had actually tried this one before but the result is not satisfactory.we share the same passion in photography.been to UK once last christmas on boxing day

  2. Hi xplorer! Yeah, I'm really enjoying my photography. It's a lot of fun. Thanks for commenting x

  3. The photos are great - don't get too angst-filled about the writing - I had a friend (who later published some books) tell me she used a little-kid type of cheap pad because she could trash anything she didn't like, and it didn't make her feel she had to live up to anything. Or you could try some stream-of-consciousness / babbling / freewriting / etc. Or maybe - it's time for the eyes.

  4. Nice pics, everyone gets writer's block. Something will unstick you, soon.

  5. the words will come, they always do. just give it a little time, recharge the batteries so to speak and let the words flow......bye 4 now, jack c

  6. Oh my, lovely pictures!

  7. Beautiful photographs, Anna.

    Try not to feel pressurised about the writing. Be kind to yourself. Start on a piece of scrap paper and when you're happy with it, copy it into your gorgeous notepad. Sometimes you have to be tricky.

  8. exactly my life is so routine and monotonous now, nothing is happening to write about !


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