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Friday, 29 August 2008

Scrapbook etc

For those who're interested, my recent creative splurges are here, the photos I've been taking recently are here, some funny photos of people (myself included in a wig) are here, and a picture of a happy face is here.

Some of you may well be wondering why I got kicked out of the pub. It's not as glamorous and exciting as I apparently made it sound; I intended to drink some coke, maybe, but went straight through to the beer garden. This is apparently suspicious behaviour, so Gav was told to come get me. I got ID'ed, grumped a bit, and had to go. I went back a couple of days later with my passport and an apology ready - it's a difficult job they do, and I felt bad for saying "This is ridiculous" - but apparently Dan had Had Words with the management and told them that if they ID me they'll never work in this town again.

I hope Ross was exaggerating.

It's good to have friends like that, isn't it? Scary friends who Know People. Back home on the Isle of Wight I had my own mini-mafia looking out for me; I've lost count of the number of people who've sworn to avenge me should I ever have my heart broken. This is something I have not previously shared with my Beloved, so, surprise honey!...


  1. The Isle of Wight Mafia is suffering lately. Our leader (who we shall refer to as Swillsy for security reasons) is having girlfriend issues, and isn't getting out much.

    However, our standing orders do include responding to broken-heart distress calls from you, so we will swing into action should anything happen, even without Swillsy's direct permission.

  2. I'm a bit worried about the poor security blokes, 'i'm only doing my job miss', our Anna looks three, as we all know, and needs to have her passport with her just to get into a 12a. Isn't that right Anna?

  3. I WILL NOT BE RIDICULED IN THIS MANNER! Not by you anyway. I have to pretend to be big around you.

    Poor so-called Swillsy. I was afraid of this. I should, like, liberate him or something.

  4. Hey! You back!

    This is good news - missed your madness. Oops - I meant creativity....!



  5. Hah! Cheeky swine. I'm as sane as the day is pillow.

  6. And ignore the tumbling blacmanges. Gav: they're watching you...


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