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Friday, 29 August 2008

Does this website make my butt look big?


Welcome to the all-new (i.e. slightly different) Almost Daily Exploits! MARVEL as I make slight adjustments over the coming weeks! (You did marvel, I distinctly saw you marvelling.) By the way, if anyone knows where I could get a 5-star rating widget for each post (รก la YouTube) please let me know in the comments. You may be interested to know (although I can't think why you would) that I've also added a wishlist to my profile.

Heartfelt thanks to my Beloved for showing me how to do basic CSS adjustments. I am now a technology wizzard. Although I would like to point out to anyone else who says "That's the gay rainbow, you know" that rainbows meant different things before Gay Pride and they'll mean different things after. Symbols are like that. Flighty little scamps.

So where to start! Since moving to Cardiff I have finished and sent off a Very Important Essay, been kicked out of a pub, had multiple creative splurges, and been voted honorary mayoress of Wales. Three of the above are true.

It's amazing how conducive my new room is to creativity. It has a skylight, which allows inspiration falling from the sky to seep into my brain as I sleep. That's the current theory anyway.
In the space of two days, I modified a white waistcoat, decorated a strappy top with flowers, fixed my black trousers (the ones I've been holding together with a badge for about three years), started a scrapbook, made two (very professional-looking) cards, and decorated my nails in pointless but wonderful ways! Photos are, of course, forthcoming - I'll let you know when they're up.

I heard on the radio today, in a text-in segment about what Zippy is, that he is in fact a Zippy; part of an entirely separate species from the planet Tickle. (So he is a RAMBUNCTION?!) Zippy still terrifies me. By 'still' I don't mean 'since childhood', you understand. I mean 'since a year and a bit ago, when I was introduced to the concept of Scary Zippy who cuts peoples toes off with pliers. One... by... one.'

I'm currently penniless and destitute due to accidentally paying my rent twice - bravo, me! - and it's taking weeks to sort out. I'm living off the scraps people throw to pigeons. It's not as fun as it sounds; there's something about the sight of a grown woman diving after soggy chip-ends in the street that makes people clutch their children and hurry past.

My recommended track right now is Wheels by Cake. After discovering this song on YouTube I found a few more by Cake, and ended up buying two of their albums from HMV. (This was before the aforementioned Rent Crisis and therefore is mild fritterage rather than extreme.)

And with that, I think I'll leave you. Please let me know what you think of the new look - do you love it? Hate it? Does it threaten your masculinity? - and, as ever, thank you for reading.


  1. OMG yay! for scrapbooks... i'll have to link you to photos of the one im making for jess sometime soon.... im interested to see your one ^_^

    oh and how do you pay your rent twice and not think to yourself "hmmm i have not got much money in the bank... i wonder if that means i have already paid my rent" ....bless your heart. do they not give you a receipt ? if not you should try to get one form now on. they might get a little strange and say that you haven't paid when you have... ya know ? you will not have any proof that you've paid.


  2. The new site looks lovely!
    My only complaint is that whatever you've done now means that the RSS feed cuts each post short, so I have to come to the website itself to read it. But I'll cope.

    Good to see you're back on form with proper blog posts, even if I'm not. :-)
    Miss you

  3. Hahaha *blush* intentional. A) because I wanted people to see the actual page, and B) because I find that I don't comment as much when I'm reading blogs through google reader. If you've got strong feelings about it I'll change it back.


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