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Monday, 30 July 2007

The Solace Tent

The Solace Tent has become a bit of a legend amongst festival-goers on my beloved island. There's two major festivals every year; the Isle of Wight Festival and the Bestival; and for these events and many others, a bunch of well-meaning do-gooders buy tickets specifically to sit in a tent feeding and talking to anyone who wanders in through the doors.

I have sadly not been lucky enough to help out at a festival, but the past weekend has been an event called Park Life, and I was in the Solace Tent doing free henna tattoos while others painted nails and braided hair. But the things that caught my attention most, strangely enough, were the graffiti tables. They're new in 2007, I believe, and these are some of the things written on them so far:

Remember to look B4 U leap; but still leap or you'll miss life!

You've been tango'd

:( another year 2 wait!


I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly!! -> festival goers!

:) smiles are free :)

Woohoo! I'm missing the rolling stones!

May this song be the soundtrack to all the times that you're uninspired, take heed & begin to realise, maybe someday you'll inspire others


You know it could be

I fell asleep in solace! and missed muse!

Love someone and never let them know

I found it pretty fascinating. This was just one table out of at least three, I was too busy trying to draw flowers and dragons and and hearts on various forearms to inspect the others. I think there's definitely a place for graffiti. It doesn't even have to be art. It doesn't even have to be important. Just something, from someone, sent into the world.

For more information about the Solace Tent, such as why they do what they do, check out their MySpace page :)


  1. i love that graffiti stuff! 'smiles are free' thats so cool :)

    sorry i missed my email yesterday, will send one soon, busy preparing for new wine next week!! xxx

  2. Oh c'mon Anna, surely the table was really covered in primitive pictures of genitalia and names of football teams?


  3. check out

  4. Checked out the website... designed by didomi media I see!! Chris and / or Martin, pleasure to have you reading! :D


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