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Saturday, 24 July 2010


I sit. Pen in hand, notebook balanced on my lap. I have created a space in which to exist, to think, to be. Outside, my family talk and watch TV and carry on their lives; but here, in my space, I am alone.

Inspiration strikes like a ray of sunlight through the trees, and I cannot contain it. My mind and my hand race, each striving for the finish, my hand falling behind and my mind leaping ahead. The page fills with my handwriting.

Who knows how long I might stay like that? Maybe minutes; perhaps hours. I write until both my thoughts and myself are exhausted. I collapse into bed.

The next day, memories of my inspiration already dimmed by sleep, I revisit the notebook. I open it to the right page. "OMG I should totally rewrite Twilight!! This HAS to happen."

Screw you, Anna last night. Screw you.


  1. Maybe you could give Edward and Bella some character! >:D >:D

  2. and an ending that doesn't make me sick in it's too easy-ness or too perfect-ness!

  3. ExACtly. For what it's worth, I'm thinking that the addition of a personality to Bella could make all the difference. Not least of which, maybe Edward will be able to read her thoughts when she actually has some!

  4. If you write it backwards, maybe you can undo it having ever existed. That would make the world better for everyone...


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