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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lost girls

They are not bad children, the ones who go missing. Red Riding Hood, for example, was raised as well as most (and a great deal better than some.) She merely fell prey, as so many do, to the irresistable lure of the woods.

How many have been tempted astray by a wandering moonbeam? A white rabbit? The brightest flowers (always, somehow, just a little further off)?

The stars distract me. My feet to stray from the path, beaten by the feet of a thousand men; the only sure way home. My eyes turned skywards, I mindlessly walk into shadow so deep that I never

Persephone, Alice, and me - we three
Went down to the forest to play.
Seph gave a shiver and ran to the river,
Just Alice and me got away.

Myself and Alice well knew, we two,
It's bad to stay out on your own.
We stayed close together 'til she chased a feather
And left me out there on my own.


  1. I to often fall pray to being lost. My mind cause me to wonder in fields of grass and walks in the rain. It's sometimes a great thing don't you think!

  2. To find yourself, you would have to be lost first.

  3. I really like this post!

  4. Being lost is fun. Much more fun than those... other... things... if only I could find them, I'd show you...

  5. GAH! i wish i could write as well as you. i've never been that great with words and it pains me when i see something written so lovely.

    Who doesn't like to get lost ? its a wonderful thing to walk around, not quite knowing what you'll find, where you'll end up. I wish i could go to a big city everyday and just wander around all day long taking photos of things i see and do.

  6. And you ended up here? Wow!


  7. You always have a way of speaking right to my heart.

  8. I get lost on purpose when I'm traveling in a new city. (Bonus points if its a city where I don't speak the language!) That's the only way you get off the beaten path of tourists and find the cool local stuff. Like the little cafe in Florence where all the poor art students from the Academe eat lunch with their sketchbooks.


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