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Monday, 9 February 2009

A thousand words

I'll admit, sometimes the news becomes background noise. Ok, often the news is just background noise, and although I've heard about the fires in Australia, I hadn't registered them consciously as a real event until I saw this series of photos from The Big Picture. The wheels of the cars melted. People have died. And those pictures made it real to me in a way that concerned voices on the radio just didn't. My thoughts go out to those affected by this tragedy (translated from news-speak: Australians, I am so sorry. For reals).

The Big Picture
is a thoroughly wonderful blog, and I recommend it if you're even vaguely interested in photography.

I've had a good week; I finally feel like I'm getting things together a bit. Today I gave blood and signed up for the bone marrow donor thing, and they gave me some chocolate chip cookies. Done, and done!

I'm going home on Friday - Home home, Isle of Wight home - which will be lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. And by everyone I mean the eleven people who haven't yet left.

Also, you know those maple and pecan plaits? They ROCK. I'm craving them hardcore these days, mostly because I'm trying to cut back on chocolate! Stupid substitute addictions.


  1. Ooh donating bone marrow is brave, from what i've seen on House that's going to hurt!
    And maple and pecan plaits quite possibly rule the world....

  2. Yeah, I can handle the pain! (I say that now... if I ever need to donate, I'll demand so much Ben and Jerry's...)

    They do, don't they? Mmmmm.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about the big picture Anna.

    The fires are fairly hard to to get your head around. Even watching the news reports makes it no easier to comprehend how fast these fires moved. Some fires were travelling through bushland at around 120km/h (75miles/hr). People often had no idea they were in danger until the fire appeared and by that time it was often too late.

    And it's still not over yet.

  4. i have family in south Australia so im keeping an eye on the fires... scary stuff. don't hit ya until you see the damage like melted car wheels and the like.

    worst thing is that these might well have been arson this time (not sure but i think some are thought to be) but if they weren't it more than likely would still be happening. its just part of the lifecycle in the bush. most plants have evolved ways to survive fires so all the damage to the bush isnt as bad as it looks now. its in fact replenishing for more plants. since bushfires become more common with wide spread population of Australia some plants have a wider spread now even!

    it kind of reminds me of when people move into the flood plans of rivers and then wonder why it floods. its amazing how wonderful nature can be at adapting.... shame we cant be half as good. isn't it?

    hopefully they'll get them under control soon and no more people will die. fire crews are doing a fantastic job but they are just to unpredictable to give any warning to people like the person above me said.

  5. Nice Blog, keep up the great writing

  6. Have fun back home on the IoW Anna.
    (I'm from Southampton myself)

  7. i agree 100%! to hear it is one thing.. to see his view of things.. is a whole reality into itself. nice to find you.. and congrats on being blog-worthy!
    great blog!
    you have a new fan :)


  8. It's odd isnt it how the news just floats by until it really connects with us.

    Good on you with the bone marrow donation...

    I rather ungraciously fainted after giving blood. Sadly.

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  10. I LOVE those maple & pecan pastries. Sometimes I even think I may love them more than almond croissants, but it's close.

    I'm not allowed to give blood - I was annoyed to find that out after years of feeling guilty (needle-phobic) for not going... then get 'over' the phobia and get told I can't anyway. Wasted guilt!

  11. They don't give you cookies for donating blood in Australia... But then again... I'm underage and have only ever donated blood for my own self-absorbed medicinal purposes.

    I'm in Australia, Victoria and I live fairly close to the fires. And when I say fairly close I mean Churchill is one of my neighbouring towns (not that you ever hear anything about Churchill on the news whether it's on fire or otherwise. Which is really ridiculous because arsonists started that fire too and it was the freakin' Glendonald rd fire! Anyway)
    It's really lovely of you to donate blood and bone marrow and also really lovely of you to actually mention us on your blog. Thank you ^_^

    And in response to Fallen Angel's comment some plants in Australia actually need fire to reproduce. And talking of floods there are some pretty terrible ones in Queensland that no one's heard about because of the fires.

  12. I love your blog. [:
    &Might have to look into these maple and pecan plaits. :P

    I'm from Australia, too and it is sad to hear and say that Victoria has had all of these fires and Queensland is flooding, even though I'm in Sydney it's still heartbreaking.


  13. I completely understand what you mean by the news becoming background noise. Everything we read in papers is very real and it's happening, but sometimes we're just detached and it doesn't affect us or mean much. So, it's good to get that reality check once in a while.

    Nice blog. Feel free to stop by mine sometime. =)

  14. I admit that some time it becomes so irritating..the same news all day long...and blah..blah..!! some times like busting the TV...


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