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Monday, 3 March 2008

Witterage is a good word

You know what, I've thought long and hard about it, and I've decided that buying chocolate eggs is a really arbitrary way of celebrating the resurrection. In addition, I haven't lost the extra squidge from all that Christmas chocolate yet! So I'm very sorry to inform Mr Cadbury's and all the rest of you that I won't be participating this year. If you're lucky I might make you something nice instead.

My housemates and I went to the pub quiz last night! We did ok, came over halfway which is an improvement on what we normally get, and our suggestion for the quiz's new name was chosen. So, yay, contributions! I was tempted to stay in and watch Lost again (I am an addict. Also, you just lost the game. But I didn't!!!) but I thought I'd prolong the agony and catch a repeat instead. Hooked though I may be on all that losty goodness - and the podcasts, heaven help me - it's high time I started having a social life again. Ah well, with any luck I'm out of here in a few months!

How very strange. I just wrote an email to gav and instead of the usual way I talk to him, I was talking in my blog-style. Peculiar. I wasn't aware I had a blog-style. Ah well, I can only assume that the boundless nature of my literary genius astounds even me. And I'm so freakin' modest too!!

So, yes, nothing terribly constructive today, but when is it ever. Thanks for enduring my witterage.

ITOTD: Online shopping discount codes. Never know when they might come in handy.


  1. When I used to live up in Leeds me and the housemates used to have the best time doing pubquizzes. I have a few decent names for teams, my favourite being "Quizteam Aguilera." I let you use that one for free ;) But if you wish to donate some chocolate eggs my way I'd accept them.

    I need to email more people. I hardly do.

  2. I refuse to but easter eggs util they make the Cadbury's cream eggs easter eggs actual giant cream eggs because otherwise every year I'm disappointed. Or until the Kinder easter eggs are giant Kinder surprises with giant toys in them.
    Becuase at heart I'm just a child!

  3. Oh, damn you. I choose to remain playing The Game, through choice, and, like, I just lost.


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