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Monday, 10 April 2006

Who Am I?

Does anybody else find Will Young's new music video incredibly disturbing?! The song is called Who Am I, and the video shows him in various classic Blue Peter moments from the 70s. That, to me, is very creepy; akin to photoshopping your head over someone's spouse in a photo. Ack. Makes me wonder if there's an unfulfilled childhood fantasy there.

That said, I suppose it's an ok song, (hah I say that now. Wait until it's been massively overplayed.) and he got a Blue Peter badge for his efforts so they presumably thought it was good.

So, update on me: Fine thanks. Very behind on coursework and revision and stuff, but hey ho, that's how it goes. I'll survive.


  1. Hello,

    Slightly disturbing, yes. But genius. I'm not a fan of his music per se, but am gaining a lot of respect for the self-mocking campness of his videos (see previous send up of 'club tropicana' video for more).

    In this video, some of his guises make him look like a 70's catalogue model. Fantastic.

    Also, I heard yesterday that blue peter are sueing him for indentity theft or something. How sad.

  2. Ok. Maybe 'genius' is a bit strong. But still, give it a chance.

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  4. Two very good points, and one unbelievably irrelevant spammy one. It's true that he's not afraid to go a bit satirical with his music videos, the top gun one was hilarious!

    They're suing? Hmph. Well, in a way I can sort of see why, it must have been freaky for the poor people whose faces he stole. Like some weird face-stealing alien.

    That said, the man clearly knows what he's doing to have stuck around this long. And like I said, the music's good.

    Thanks for dropping by, Sabrina :)


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