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Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Feeling better now, thankyou

Ok. After being in a properly bad mood for the past couple of days, as I'm sure you can tell, I've snapped out of it. Yay for me. Basically, the weather's lovely, school's on strike, and I finally started being productive. I've done some coursework, at last, I cooked dinner for me and my brother, and then I took my books to the library to sort out the debts.

Of course, the library was also closed, but it's the gesture that counts.

Now I'm just trying to work out how to get to Cafe Uno tonight, looks like it's gonna be the bus. Cafe Uno, for those of you who don't know, is a great place to hang out with friends after a hard day's work (stifles laughter). We play pool, connect4, DOA3 (the best - and indeed, the only - xbox combat game I've ever played), Guess Who?. We buy milkshakes and chocolate. We talk, read cartoons, mess about, and generally have a fantastic time!

And Pete does NOT look like Mr. Tumnus. He just doesn't.

In conclusion: Llama.

Monday, 27 March 2006


Jealousy messes stuff up. I know several couples that have this problem at the moment, and I thought I should let you all know: it's destructive. To everyone. You, him/her, and everyone you know or come into contact with. It's not reasonable to demand things from your partner that they shouldn't have to give.

Grrrr. Now I'm all sad and grumpy.

Sunday, 26 March 2006

Wanna know what I REALLY hate? (sorry)

I am not a hatey person. Hating is far too much effort, in my book, and not very nice to boot, but there are some things I just find abhorrant, and I thought I should blog it out before I do something I regret.

Oops - too late - I accidentally emailed one of 'em.

Y'see, there are some people out there who like to be as contraversial as possible, by insulting, offending, and mocking others. One that's going round at the moment is an anti-Christianity site, basically mocking Intelligent Design and anyone who believes it by promoting a Spaghetti God theory. I'm not saying that I believe ID, I don't know exactly what I believe, just that I find it disgusting that they are treated this way. The current theory seems to be that everyone's beliefs should be tolerated unless they're Christian. And, as with so many of these sites, there's a page dedicated solely to the 'hate mail' they recieve (i.e. anyone who disagrees with them) and, as I have seen elsewhere, somebody has constructed a well thought out, polite rebuttal of the site's content. Followed by an email asking for their email address to be removed from the site, as users of the site have been sending threats, hate mail, spam etc.

Isn't that horrible? To be so angry that someone could disagree with your patently ridiculous theory that you make their life a misery until they apologise? Sadly there are all too many people like this. I only hope that they grow up and are ashamed of themselves.

Saturday, 25 March 2006

Miracles will never cease

So, after the shock revelation that somebody actaully reads this, (I know! Hi Les!) I decided it was time I updated you.

Lately I've been going to various universities to have a look around. You see, where all six of the unis I applied to have accepted me, I now have to decide which ones I consider to be good enough for me. (Which is all well and good until I fail my exams.)
Today I checked out Chichester university - eventually! Y'see, I'm not great at mapreading. Never have been. So when I was told that it would fall to me to decide where we were going, I knew there was only one way that could go.

And indeed, when we stumbled through the door of Chichester College an hour late, my worst fears had been realised. But more than that, halfway through filling out the form, I realised they thought I was going into childcare, and that the college is in fact NOT the university. So we left again. I was close to tears at one point. But the rest of the day went fine (except for getting hideously lost again on the way back through no fault of our own [they moved the ferry terminal. Seriously.])

Guess what! Ben's planned a Man's Night In! Oh dear, this may take some explaining. You see, last Man's Night In we had, I was invited as a special guest. I thought "Great, so I get to see what men act like when there are no girls around," as I'm usually in mixed company. I'm not the girliest girl ever, so I thought I'd be in my element! Not AT ALL what I expected. My (heterosexual) male friends were:
1) Watching Friends. Understandable.
2) Using moisturiser. Forgivable.
3) Dying each other's hair in the bathroom. Hmmmm.

So watching my friends taking their tops off, all 5 or 6 of us crammed into the bathroom, the most boyish thing that happened was a less-than-subtle joke about what Jamez was going to do with the rubber glove provided with the hair-dye kit.

This time it's going to be a proper manly night, with beer and sports. Never drunk beer before, could be an experience, especially since Justin wants me to drink his share as he can't be there! Sigh. I miss Justin. He's moved to London for a year, which is just inconsiderate really.

I wonder if anyone can help me with something. In Newport on the Isle of Wight there's a tiny theatre / art gallery type thing called the Quay Arts Centre. After I saw a play there the other night, I came out to see the words "The afflicted" written in chalk on a wooden part of the building. I immediately thought Oooooo a mystery! Who are the afflicted? What does it mean? What do they want? How many of them are there? Do you know?

Of course you don't. Probably one person with some chalk knows. I doubt they read my blog.

Sorry for the rather lengthy post, hope you like it. Take care y'all.

Anna x x